Temad set a record in manufacturing new molecules in its history with producing 16 new molecules in the industrial level.Referring to the production of 16 new molecules in Temad Co., Dr. Hosseini, Temad’s R & D Director, stated: “Based on pre-determined plans, each molecule was completed and produced at bulk level within 60 days on average”.Dr. Hosseini referred to the fact that the time to taking the molecules to bulk production has decreased to 300-350 days and added: “However, we are trying to reach a record of 150 days in the near future.”Temad’s R & D Director further said: “All of these molecules have been nativized and exploited using Temad’s existing facilities, and experts and researchers’ efforts.”Making emphasis on the record set in the country’s pharmaceutical history, Dr. Hosseini stated: “Temad is also the first company which has completed development of the first molecule in the Pishtaz Project of the Holding Group”. Temad’s R & D Director referred to the cooperation of Shahid Beheshti University in manufacturing of these molecules and said: “Also, we have planned to complete the development of 5 other molecules and manufacture these items at bulk production level”.Based on this report, the new molecules are as follow: