Tolid Mavade Avallieh Daroupakhsh (Temad Co.), the biggest pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturer in the Middle East, was founded in 1997, and today it’s a well-known manufacturer of narcotic and non-narcotic pharmaceutical products worldwide.Temad’s product portfolio covers more than 60 products already supplied to the market and more than 50 products under development.

Temad Mashhad, as a subsidiary, is an integral part of Temad Co. and, thanks to its experienced and highly skilled professionals, runs a line of Human and Veterinary Pharmaceutical products which cover both the local market and part of the international markets.

In addition to business growth, the company is well aware of its environmental responsibility and is constantly striving for improvement to maximize environmental protection. The establishment of “Production Support Unit” in 2004 which led to winning The Green Industry Award from Iranian Department of Environment is a proof of the company’s commitment to Clean Production.

Temad’s top management is quite strict on following current guidelines and acting according to rules and regulations which has led to winning several standardized certificates of Quality Management and ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001.

In addition to these key initiatives, Temad’s continuous commitment to meet the requirements of the local and global markets has made the company a well-established manufacturer and exporter of the country, and an award winning exporter at the national level.


Using the best local talent and knowledge, and following the motto of “Iranian Medicine, Global Markets”, the company exports its products to more than 20 countries worldwide to both fulfill a vital role in the health of the world population and make Iran known as a main contributor to the global pharmaceutical market.